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Vehicles Single-One for fun, jump 'n run   DB 125H
  the 2nd. Single-One to cruise in the vineyards   Multiuso
  V-Two to relax... Secrets of  Torque FXSTS
    ...and to rearrange the bones Secrets of  Horsepower  
  Inline-Three acceleration like hell   TnT 1130
  Four cylinders too less torque for a bike, too less power for a car.... NEVER,   with the exception of self-igniters and Longtails !  
  Inline-Six not everybody's darling, 6995 units sold only (worldwide)   Z 3


V-Eight about 10.000 Scoville, 6834 registrations in Germany   4200 GT
  V-Ten > 1.000.000 SCU, No. 49 of total 250 beautiful specimen   Gallardo SE
  The sixth element     V-Ten 1 Million U$ only    


Unnecessary necessities



Home-Style Aluminium      
Gourmet It makes you wanna puke...      
About me? Eastgerman(y) ....here I am presently  ..here I was recently!   
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